Addiction Programs

A Drug-Free Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program

Health Resolutions Treatment Center provides a holistic drug & alcohol rehab. Unlike most other drug & alcohol rehab programs, Health Resolutions Treatment Center addresses the hormonal, biochemical, and neurological components of addiction. This physical approach to recovery is designed to work as a complement to individual and group therapies so the chances for a successful recovery are maximized. The Health Resolutions Treatment program is specifically designed to integrate all aspects of recovery: physical, emotional, mental and social.

The Health Resolutions Treatment Center Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program offers these modalities:

* Individualized Functional and Nutritional Program

* Auriculotherapy

* Chiropractic Care

This is a multifaceted approach that has a high success rate and is cost-effective.

The holistic drug and alcohol rehab consists of a 35-day out-patient program and will allow the patient to work while going through the recovery process. This program has a strong focus on reducing physical cravings, depression and anxiety by including personalized Amino Acid and Nutritional

Therapy and other physical treatments. This program works in conjunction with outside counseling and 12-Step Programs.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care in a Drug and Alcohol rehab:

Individuals with addictions will show some level of spinal subluxation (vertebrae out of alignment), a major indicator of a system out of balance. This mis-alignment interferes with the natural flow of brain chemicals to the body. A clinical study at University of Florida School of Medicine has shown that through the use of Chiropractic treatment the retention rate for a 30 day recovery program is improved from the 72% national average to 100%. This is done through the use of a handheld instrument called the Integrator, which realigns the spine so that this natural flow of chemicals is resumed.

Benefits of Amino Acids in a Drug and Holistic Alcohol rehab:

Amino acids in a two-pronged therapy to restore the natural balance of the body, chiropractic care is used in conjunction with a course of amino acid oral supplements. While chiropractic correction removes the interference to the natural flow of brain chemicals, the amino acids help shore up the addicted body’s depleted supplies of these essential protein building-blocks. The amino acids supplements provide dramatic changes in the a person’s well-being and behavior and will help assist the patient to stay off the substance of choice.

Benefits of Auriculotherapy in a Drug and Holistic Alcohol rehab:

Auriculotherapy helps release the pleasure-producing brain chemicals called endorphins. A non-needle, painless electronic devise is used to stimulate points on the ear. Common responses to increased endorphins include:

* Decreased cravings for the substance

* Increased state of relaxation

* Reduced sense of physical and emotional withdrawal

Benefits of Balancing the Nervous System and Body Chemistry in a Drug and Holistic Alcohol rehab:

Regulating health issues in the nervous system may help resolve or diminish anxiety, emotional instability, sleeplessness, and foggy thinking. This in turn will help resolve of minimize the triggers that lead to substance abuse of relapse. For alcohol addiction blood sugar and other biochemical issues need to be addressed in order for the person to be healthy and present.

Health Resolution Treatment program is designed to work in conjunction with outside counseling and a 12-Step Program to aid recovery.