Addressing Anxiety Holistically

The nervous system is a very complex system. Over-stimulation of the nervous system can happen for a variety of reasons. Most patients or doctors do not realize that their symptoms are due to over-stimulation of the nervous system. They may think that it is their personality or just something about themselves they cannot change. Some patients realize that something is wrong, but do not know how to correct it without going on prescription medications. Patients do not realize there are effective natural treatments for anxiety.

Over-stimulation of the nervous system in many cases can be resolved with natural treatments for anxiety. Most patients do not feel like themselves or they may be harsher with the people around them and cannot easily stop this reaction. Depression and anxiety can commonly occur together with an over-stimulated nervous system. Here are some other symptoms that may also accompany the nervous system being out of balance:

  • Panic Attacks
  • Activate mind before going to bed
  • Hard to get to sleep
  • Keyed up – fail to calm
  • Acid foods upset
  • “Nervous” stomach
  • Sour stomach frequent
  • “Lump” in throat
  • Dry mouth, eyes, and nose
  • Cuts heal slowly
  • Extremities cold, clammy
  • Unable to relax, startles easily
  • Heart pounds after retiring

Most patients come to the clinic to resolve other health issues. Resolving the functional issues in the nervous system with Nutritional Therapy and other physical techniques is an uncommon occurrence in both traditional and holistic health care. Natural treatments for anxiety are not the first treatment used when patients have anxiety and panic attacks. Traditional medicine will usually put the patient on pharmaceutical medications. In some cases the initial complaint of anxiety or panic attacks will not resolve and the pharmaceutical drug will cause additional problems.

It is very common to also work with the hormonal system as well as the nervous system to help with anxiety, fatigue and panic attacks.

Here are case studies of patients coming to the clinic using natural treatments for anxiety or panic attacks:

Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Heart Palpations

A 40-year old women who was going to nursing school came into the office with anxiety. With her anxiety she would experience heart palpations and reported her heart skipping beats. She knew that when she was having heart palpations, she was having a panic attack. She was not able to drive to the office, because of her anxiety.

After the first session and 7 days later she reported that before the session she was having anxiety every day and now there were little glimpses of anxiety in the first week. Before the first session her heart would skip beats, but after the first session there was no heart skipping. After 2 sessions and 21 days into treatment she reports a huge difference in anxiety, her energy is better and is not lower in the afternoon, and her heart palpitations are better. After 3 sessions and 33 days into treatment she reports her anxiety is much better and she has not had anxiety for a week. On this session she was able to drive to the office.

The clinic also worked on her hormonal system. The clinic used Nutritional Therapy and Chiropractic Care to resolve her health issues.

Panic Attacks with Heart Palpitations

A 37-year old woman came to the office with heart palpitations for six years and panic attacks. Her goals on the history forms were “no heart problems, feeling weird inside, soon as possible.”

Her heart would race while sitting still. She was seeing a Cardiologist for her condition at the same time. The EKG was normal and her Cardiologist had diagnosed her with panic attacks.

After 2 sessions and 29 days later she reported that she was 80% better with the heart palpitations and was not getting them in the day time. She was put on nutritional supplements specific to what was happening in her nervous system and also chiropractic care.

After 3 visits and 43 days later the patient reported that she had not had heart palpitations for 2 weeks since the last treatment. When she experienced stress at work, her heart did not flutter and that she was feeling calmer in general.

After that session, she stopped treatments and also the supplements given. She had heart palpitations for six years and in 43 days the clinic was able to resolve the issues and discontinue care.

Anxiety/Depression/Overwhelm/Hormone imbalance

A 43-year old women came to the office because she was a “peri-meno wreck”. She reported that she felt like a train wreck and it was becoming increasingly worse. She was experiencing anxiety, depression, and overwhelm. Her medical doctor recommended that she take anti-anxiety medications, but she did not want to take those kinds of medications She wanted to resolve her health issues without taking very addictive medications.

After 2 sessions and 12 days into treatment she reported sleeping deeper and waking up a little less during the night. After 3 sessions and 20 days into treatment her anxiety was 50% better. She reported after several more visits that her energy improved and she no longer felt the need for anti-anxiety medications. The clinic worked with her nervous system and hormonal system with nutritional supplements and Chiropractic Care during the sessions.

Correcting imbalances in the nervous system can be done while patients are on their prescription medications. In some cases the patient’s symptoms of anxiety or depression do not resolve with the medications, because the medications do not always correct the nervous system imbalances.

The clinic offers a supplement (Brain Formula) that is a nutritional support for the nervous system during times of stress or pain. The supplement id designed for everyday support of the nervous system or recommended during the course of treatments with Health Resolutions Treatment Center.

Schedule your Personal Assessment with Dr. Zafis. She will discuss your current situation, health goals and whether the Health Resolutions Treatment Program is a good fit for your unique situation. The Initial Evaluation with Dr. Zafis is no cost and no obligation to anyone seeking natural treatments to anxiety and panic attacks. As a champion for holistic health and patient awareness, Dr. Zafis encourages you to make an informed decision for your health.