Dependency Program for Anxiety Medications

Going into a facility to get off of your anxiety medication would cost approximately $15,000 for a 28-Day in-patient program. Because anxiety medications are a very strong tranquilizer on the Nervous System, a patient could go into seizures while discontinuing the anxiety medications. A medical detoxification in a facility is usually required for discontinuing the medication.

Our Cost in the clinic is approximately $700 to $900 per month.

Since the dosage of the medication is slowly reduced, you do not need to do a medical detoxification or a 28-Day in-patient program.
Since a 29-Day in-patient detoxification or program is not required, you may continue working and maintaing your lifestyle during the program.
The Nutritional Therapy program along with balancing the Nervous System, assists the person to a healthy lifestyle without side effects from medications.
The program is designed to decrease or eliminate the anxiety medication and not to put you on another substitute medication. The program balances out the Nervous System while you are slowly decreasing the medication. The Nutritional Therapy used in the clinic is natural and healthy for the body, versus a medication that can have many side effects.
Anxiety medications are very addictive, meaning that as you take the medication, you may need to increase the dosage in order to obtain the same effect of the drug. A 28-Day in-patient program or medical detox is a very short time for the Nervous System to adjust to such a strong medication. This is why other medications are given during the medical detox. Tapering off of the anxiety medication while supporting the Nervous System is a gentler and more practical way of helping the Nervous System adjust to such a strong medication.
The program consists of slowly decreasing the medication while using several modalities to balance the Nervous System. The process may take three to eight months to complete depending on the person. The three to eight month process versus a much quicker three to 28-Day process to eliminate the medications may help make the cravings for the drug less and the chnages made in the body, more stable.
The clinic has a successful history of working with health issues using many chiropractic of functional modalities and Nutritional Therapies. If a health issue exists the doctor may be able to address the imbalance during the program, if the patients’ system is able to integrate it.

Hormonal imbalance sometimes can arise with drug usage because of the increased burden on the body. Nutritional Therapy may help in correcting this side effect of the drug, if it exists.