8 03, 2017

Natural Relief from Allergies

2018-01-16T13:40:25-07:00By |Environmental Health Issues, General Health, Health & Wellness|0 Comments

Sonoma County is a beautiful place to live. Many different kinds of plants can grow here, and thanks to Luther Burbank they do. The flip side of the beauty are the allergy symptoms that wreak havoc for so many of us. April, May and June are the worst months of the year here. Fortunately, there [...]

27 02, 2017

Reacting or Avoiding Foods? A Puzzle Solved

2017-02-27T10:42:06-07:00By |General Health, Health & Wellness|0 Comments

I have been in practice in Sonoma County for 20 years helping patients improve their food and pollen reactions.  Every year I notice that more and more people are becoming more allergic or sensitive to the foods that they are eating.   Several factors occurring over the last few years have contributed to this increase [...]

16 01, 2017

Managing Cystic Acne from a Holistic Perspective

2018-01-16T13:40:25-07:00By |General Health, Health & Wellness, Hormonal Issues|0 Comments

The clinic has been working very successfully with skin issues for many years.  Skin issues seem to be on the rise.  In a standard medical practice the patient is put on a steroid cream or prednisone; however the cause of the skin issue may not be addressed. After supporting and correcting metabolic imbalances in the [...]

20 10, 2016

Getting Relief from Sugar, Carb and other Food Cravings

2018-01-16T13:40:27-07:00By |General Health, Health & Wellness|0 Comments

Over the past ten years many patients have come to the clinic with sugar and carbohydrate cravings. These cravings are common symptoms that present themselves. I have been helping these patients decrease their cravings to the point where the majority of them are able to forget about the cravings all together. This happens when the [...]

11 01, 2016

Skin Rashes

2018-01-16T13:40:27-07:00By |General Health|0 Comments

Causes Skin rashes are troubling, annoying, often itchy and sometimes embarrassing.  Possible causes:  allergies, infections, toxins, imbalances in organs and stress reactions, among others. Is it My Fault? Some of my patients wonder what they’re doing wrong.  A mother of a young patient said to me, “What did I do wrong to cause my little [...]

30 12, 2015

4 Reasons for Hot Flashes and Nutritional Therapy Protocols to Resolve Them

2015-12-30T15:50:15-07:00By |General Health|0 Comments

There are many reasons for hot flashes. The world is getting more and more toxic and toxins are in our food, water, products, and environment. Estrogenic Chemicals in the Environment One reason for hot flashes is estrogenic products and chemicals in the environment. Some pesticides are hormone disruptors, or they can be mildly or severely [...]

26 10, 2015

Synthetic Vs. Natural Vitamins

2018-01-16T13:40:28-07:00By |General Health|0 Comments

There is a lot of research that talks about how taking vitamin supplements can be harmful. However, the research refers to synthetic vitamins. Natural, whole-food vitamins are a completely different supplement. A great example of the difference between a whole-food vitamin and a synthetic one is vitamin E. To make synthetic vitamin E, calcium is [...]

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