16 01, 2017

Managing Cystic Acne from a Holistic Perspective

2018-01-16T13:40:25-07:00By |General Health, Health & Wellness, Hormonal Issues|0 Comments

The clinic has been working very successfully with skin issues for many years.  Skin issues seem to be on the rise.  In a standard medical practice the patient is put on a steroid cream or prednisone; however the cause of the skin issue may not be addressed. After supporting and correcting metabolic imbalances in the [...]

26 10, 2015

When Bioidenticals Go Bad

2015-10-26T11:42:56-07:00By |Hormonal Issues|0 Comments

Bioidentical hormones have helped many women with hot flashes and other symptoms related to menopause. In some cases, menopausal symptoms quickly resolve. Unfortunately, some women can’t break down the hormones, allowing abnormally high levels of hormones to build up in the body. This causes a cascade of imbalances in both the body and mind, the [...]

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