Chiropractic Care

Low Force Adjustments:

Dr. Zafis uses low force chiropractic techniques and other therapies to help patients with pain management. 

Checking for the Biology of Pain:

Dr. Zafis has used chiropractic functional therapies for over 20 years in her practice. This approach first accesses the biochemistry and function of the body and then addresses the specific concerns. For instance, a buildup of lactic acid in the body can cause muscle stiffness and pain. Dr. Zafis looks for metabolic causes of inflammation and pain. This can be very beneficial to your overall health, as well as address pain and muscle stiffness.

Due to the dramatic increase of chemicals in our foods and environment, Dr. Zafis may recommend an assessment to evaluate biochemical causes of pain and inflammation.


Inflammation has certainly become a point of focus for health issues in recent years. Many situations can cause inflammation that may linger long-term. At the clinic we can assess and look at the many causes of inflammation and develop a program to address that very issue.

Manual Therapy Techniques:

The clinic offers many manual therapy techniques to help patients manage and eliminate the causes of pain. Resetting how the muscles turn on and off with a movement of the body may greatly help increase movement and decrease pain.

Sometimes a particular muscle doesn’t turn on correctly. Resetting that muscle can greatly assist pain and function. The clinic has seen this in many situations. For instance, after an adjustment a patient was still experiencing pain in the upper gluteus/pelvic area. Dr. Zafis rebalanced the muscles in the legs, specifically the tensor fasciae latae muscle. Dr. Zafis then broke up scar tissue in the leg to reregulate the function of the muscles. That resolved the pain in the upper gluteus/pelvic area for the patient.

Everyone has unique issues in their system. As health issues have become more complex in the last couple of years, specifically testing for imbalances in the body can be of great value. The clinic offers a free 15-minute consultation and assessment to see whether we can help with your pain or health concerns. Call the office at (707) 527-7710 to set up your free consultation.