Fatigue is a common condition addressed in the clinic. Many patients have experienced relief from fatigue.

There are several specific functional problems that cause fatigue. A classic case of fatigue will be a combination of one or all of these conditions. The first thing is that the body may have a subclinical infection in one or more organs. Subclinical infections may have mild or no symptoms, however they are draining on the system and can cause fatigue. The second thing is adrenal dysfunction. This is very common and in many cases can be resolved. Adrenal issues can go to cause thyroid issues. The third thing is problems with the liver and gall bladder. Common symptoms of dysfunction in the gall bladder or liver are bloating, belching, and flatulents usually with fatty foods.

There are many diseases and functional issues associated with fatigue. Assessing the organs is an extremely helpful way to see where the issues are present. Nutritional Therapy to correct the organ imbalances and a variety of chiropractic techniques have been effective in addressing fatigue.

A complimentary 15-minute health screening is offered in the clinic to assess organ dysfunction and reactions to specific substances.