Over the past ten years many patients have come to the clinic with sugar and carbohydrate cravings. These cravings are common symptoms that present themselves. I have been helping these patients decrease their cravings to the point where the majority of them are able to forget about the cravings all together. This happens when the metabolic reason for the cravings has been resolved.


Since July of 2016, a number of patients have come to me complaining of an increase in cravings or an increase in appetite.  Some patients were also experiencing insomnia and blood sugar issues.  These issues are caused by imbalances. For example, one patient who had sleep disturbances and the beginnings of blood sugar problems was able to resolve both issues after we balanced her system with the right supplements.


Another patient, a woman in her late 60’s came in because her appetite had suddenly and significantly increased and she felt hungry all the time.  We identified the metabolic issues and enacted a series of treatments. After the treatments her appetite went back to normal again.


Where do cravings come from?


Cravings can stem from a variety of causes.  Food sensitivities are a major cause of cravings.  Alternative medical doctors as far back as the 1960’s began to observe the correlation between food sensitivities and food addiction.  As counterintuitive as it seems, it is actually common for a food sensitivity to cause cravings for that food.


There have been many patients over the years that have told me when they eat a cookie or potato chip, they eat the whole bag.  After working with and eliminating the reason for the food sensitivities, they are very surprised and delighted to find that they can eat only one or two of the item they used to crave and not eat the entire bag.


In one case a patient came to us very addicted to salt.  The addiction was actually a symptom of a sensitivity to salt.  She would put it on all of her food.  She was alarmed that she might be hurting her health with all the salt she was ingesting and she was not able to really enjoy the taste of food. We worked with her and she was able to completely forgot about the salt and has decreased her consumption even since. Another woman had what may seem like an unusual craving for both sour cream and ice tea.  Cravings that are caused by food sensitivities can show up in specific foods. The clinic worked with her and determined the elements in the food that were triggering the sensitivity and leading to the cravings. And, much to her delight, her cravings for sour cream and ice tea went away.


Hormonal imbalances can be another cause of food cravings.  When the hormones are out of balance the body will crave sugar and carbs.  People with hormonal imbalances especially notice this in the afternoons when the body seeks to counteract an energy slump with the immediate rush of sugar and carbohydrates like bread, cakes and pastas.


This past year, we began seeing more patients with pancreas issues.  Pancreas imbalances disrupt the blood sugar mechanism and can cause sleep issues as well.  Some patients start to wake up at night and others wake up and want to eat.  This is a sign of blood sugar problems.  Finding out the exact metabolic problem and then giving a nutritional formula for those specific problems works very well to correct the issue in this situation.


We have had many patients that have reduced their cravings and were very happy and surprised at the outcome.  I have seen some patients completely addicted to a food item and then after treatments, completely forget about that food all together.  If there is more than one reason for the cravings, each issue will be worked on. Often, we can work on several issues at the same time.


If you or your family or friends are seeing changes in your eating or sleeping habits or are experiencing sugar, carb or other food cravings, please call our office.  We offer a complimentary consultation and we will be happy to help you.  You may reach us at 707 527-7710.