Health Programs

Several kinds of treatments are offered at the clinic. The primary treatments are Chiropractic Care with Nutritional Therapy. There are many varieties of chiropractic techniques, of which one technique is able to access the organ function and address the specific dysfunction of an organ. Whole food supplement formulas and herbal formulas address very specific functional problems with the cells or organs.

The clinic also tests for imbalances in the nervous system related to foods, chemicals, pets, and many other substances. A Chiropractic/Acupressure technique is used to address the imbalance in the nervous system.

Health Issues

The clinic has worked with many different symptoms over the years. Patients have come in to improve their blood sugar or blood pressure readings. Other have come in to improve their kidney function and lab results. If you have a health issue that you are concerned about, please call the office. If we are not able to help you, we will recommend another practitioner that may be able to help you.

Free Health Screening

The clinic works with a wide variety of symptoms and health issues. Each person can have a different cause to the same symptom or condition. Assessing for organ dysfunction can be very helpful in getting to the root of the problem.

Testing for organ dysfunction and giving very specific nutritional formulas to address the problem can be a very efficient and low-cost way of resolving your health problem. Nutritional formulas rarely have the side-effects of their pharmaceutical counter parts.

Reacting to foods or other substances may also be a contributing factor to a health issue. The clinic will test for 5 to 10 different reactions to foods or other substances.

Call the office at 707 527-7710, so that we can schedule a 15-minute health screening with you.