Non-Pharmaceutical Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Health Resolutions Treatment Center offers a holistic alcohol treatment in Sonoma county. Our clinic offers a non-pharmaceutical approach to the recovery process with the main focus addressing the physical aspects of the withdrawal symptoms of cravings, anxiety, and depression. The clinic has achieved excellent results for patients who have come into the holistic addiction and dependency recovery programs.

The holistic alcohol treatment protocol is very unique in that it focuses on the physical, neurological, or biochemical aspect of the addiction. The clinic does not offer traditional psychotherapy and group therapy, although the clinic does refer to other clinics for this crucial aspect of the addiction treatment.

Metabolically speaking the treatments support the brain for a faster recovery period. The old “use it or lose it” concept definitely applies to the nervous system.

When using drugs or alcohol the nervous system slows down the production of brain chemicals as the drug or alcohol is continually introduced into the brain. When going off of the drug or alcohol, the nervous system has to begin producing more brain chemicals than it had been producing. The brain will slowly increase the production of brain chemicals over time, but this may take a year or more to get back to normal. This is why patients can experience anxiety or depression for up to a year or longer when stopping a drug or alcohol addiction.

The clinic uses two different programs to address the physical aspects of recovery. The first part of the program is chiropractic care, auriculotherapy, and amino acids. The second part of the program is a detailed analysis of functional imbalances in the body, which are corrected with very specific nutritional formulas or physical treatments.

The research on the basic method of chiropractic, auriculotherapy, and amino acids has been groundbreaking. No other pharmaceutical drug or psychotherapy approach to recovery has demonstrated such a high rate of success. Whereas the national average of completing a 28-day rehab program is around 72%, alcohol addiction research has demonstrated that 100% of the patients completed the program using chiropractic care and standard addiction treatment of group therapy, psychotherapy, and medical care. The chiropractic group had 100% of the people finish the program; the usual care group of psychotherapy, group therapy, and medical care had a 56% completion; and the group with a placebo chiropractic treatment finished at 75%.

Having 100% of patients finishing an addiction program in a research project is as phenomenal Michael Jordan’s basketball record.

One patient with severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms was referred to us from a local addiction clinic. He had not been able to complete several alcohol treatment programs because of his intense alcohol withdrawals symptoms. Our clinic implemented several physical treatments to address the nervous system and he made it through the program with flying colors. After completing the five-week program he reported feeling very good.

If you are looking for a new approach to alcohol addiction that works very specifically with the physical aspects of addiction, give our clinic a call. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Dr. Cindy Zafis works holistically with alcohol rehab programs and does assisted drug tapers for anxiety and depression medications in both Sonoma and Marin counties. She has had a general practice in Sonoma for 20 years, addressing acute and chronic imbalances in the hormonal system, nervous system, digestive system, and immune system. She also works with the gay, lesbian or LGBT community.

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