Treatment for Sleeplessness

Not being able to sleep at night can be very harmful to a person’s health and life. The clinic works with patients who are struggling with sleep issues and want to resolve the issue using natural methods. Dr. Zafis looks at the biochemical, hormonal, and meridian imbalances that may cause insomnia.

Reasons for Sleeplessness

Not going to sleep at night is typically the easiest kind of sleeplessness to resolve. This is usually caused by an overstimulated nervous system.

Waking up at night may have many causes. It is common for menopausal women to wake up at night. One cause of insomnia is insulin and cortisol imbalances. Mineral deficiencies and estrogen and progesterone imbalances can cause hot flashes that wake women up at night.

The clinic also looks for meridian imbalances such a kidney yin deficiency, where the heat rises in the body during menopause.