Insurance Coverage

Insurance Companies Billed:


At this time, the clinic bills for Medicare. However, Medicare pays ONLY for chiropractic spinal adjustment. It does not pay for other services such as the exam, massage therapy, or any manual therapy.

PPO Insurance Plans:

The office is not presently a provider for other insurance companies. The clinic can provide billing documentation for your insurance company for reimbursement if your insurance company allows you to go to doctors outside your network. This can cover a portion of the health care bill. This is only for treatments for pain using chiropractic adjustments and manual therapy.

Manual Therapy Greatly Enhances Pain Management

Dr. Zafis strongly recommends that manual therapy be used with the chiropractic adjustment to help manage pain. Doing manual therapy or muscle work with the adjustment can significantly reduce pain. When patients have manual therapy as a part of their treatment plan, the clinic typically sees a decrease of pain by 50% per treatment. Manual therapy also may reduce the number of office visits needed to resolve the problem.

Abnormal Physiology/Biology in the Muscles Can Cause Pain and Stiffness

Chemicals in our food and environment significantly affect the biochemistry of the muscles, causing muscle stiffness and even severe pain. There is a video on the Health Resolutions Treatment Center Facebook page called “Foot Pain.”  In part, the pain from the patient’s foot was due to chemicals in foods. Dr. Zafis may recommend testing and then treating for abnormal biology in the muscles. This service is not covered by chiropractic insurance.

Dr. Zafis offers a 15-minute complimentary health screening to assess your health concerns. To set up an appointment, call (707) 527-7710. Dr. Zafis will be happy to help.