Joint/Muscle Pain & Stiffness

For over 20 years, Dr. Zafis has been using chiropractic functional therapies, which assess the biochemistry and function of the muscles and organs. During the last two to three years, chemicals in the environment and our food has led to an increase in pain. Unfortunately, this is not recognized by either alternative or traditional health care practitioners.

Knee Pain from Chemicals in the Environment — A Case Study

Some patient’s pain can be resolved simply by identifying and then detoxing a chemical in the system. One patient was a landscaper who had been suffering knee pain for several years. We recommended supplements specific to her issue, and her knee pain resolved. For her treatment plan, we did not do chiropractic adjustments or manual therapy. Once we identified the chemical in her muscles, simply detoxing out the chemical and resolving the imbalance that the chemical caused resolved the pain. Other patients, however, may need manual therapy in order to manage or resolve pain.

Two things have to happen for a detoxification program to be successful. The first is to identify the chemical, because different chemicals require different nutritional supplements for detoxification. The second step is to test for the ramifications of the chemical in the body and then nutritionally resolve those imbalances. The clinic has had many successes in helping patients accomplish this, which has resulted in a decrease in or elimination of pain.

Joint Pain May Be Muscle Stiffness and Pain

The clinic does very detailed testing for the biology and function of the body. Our thorough inquiry has shown a steep rise in pain and other symptoms due to a significant increase of chemicals in our food and environment.

It is very common for a patient to think that they have joint pain, when it is actually due to muscle stiffness and pain. If the joint pain began or has gotten worse in the last three years, Dr. Zafis will check for chemicals causing muscle stiffness and pain. This may help reduce or eliminate what many patients perceive as joint pain.

If your pain is not resolving with other treatments or therapies, please give the clinic a call. We offer a free 15-minute consultation for testing the biochemical causes of pain.