The clinic has been working very successfully with skin issues for many years.  Skin issues seem to be on the rise.  In a standard medical practice the patient is put on a steroid cream or prednisone; however the cause of the skin issue may not be addressed.

After supporting and correcting metabolic imbalances in the body with nutritional formulas and other treatments, many cystic acne cases have been resolved in the clinic.  Although everyone is different, generally we see that women with this issue have high testosterone levels.  We are also seeing high testosterone levels in many women who do not have this condition.

A 21-year old woman with a severe case of cystic acne recently came into the office.  Her medical doctor had had her on antibiotics for several months. And although her skin had cleared a little bit, the cystic acne was still quite severe. Having such a prominent and visible condition is very difficult, especially for a young woman. Her medical doctor wanted to put her on Accutane which is the medical standard treatment for difficult cases of cystic acne. But Accutane has many side effects including potential birth defects and the patient did not want to take the risk of harming her future unborn children. She came to us hoping that we had an alternative solution.

She came in and we evaluated her. She had several large fluid filled cysts on her face and scarring on other places on her face.  We looked at several components of why she had such a severe case of acne. She did have high testosterone levels and we assessed her for reactions to her environment.  Her immune system was not completely fighting the infection in her body even though several rounds of antibiotics did help.

Initially we addressed the immune system. We gave her supplements to help support her immune system, so that the immune system could effectively eliminate the infection.  That helped noticeably and the patient was very happy with the results.  We then looked at possible chemicals in the environment that are contributing to her skin issues.

Some chemicals in our environment can be endocrine disruptors and can throw off the hormonal system of a person.  Skin issues, especially cystic acne, can be a ramification of chemical buildup of these chemicals in the body.  We tested her for the nutritional formulas that are specific to the chemical in her system.  Usually when detoxing patients, a significant amount of the chemical is eliminated after 3 weeks. This also helped decrease her skin issue.

After several weeks of detoxing the body, the clinic then gave her supplements to help support her hormonal system.  This also helped her out breaks.

Skin issues and cystic acne can be and usually are caused by a variety of functional problems. If you or your family or friends are having skin issues, please call our office.  We offer a complimentary consultation and we will be happy to help you.  You may reach us at 707 527-7710.