Sonoma County is a beautiful place to live. Many different kinds of plants can grow here, and thanks to Luther Burbank they do. The flip side of the beauty are the allergy symptoms that wreak havoc for so many of us. April, May and June are the worst months of the year here. Fortunately, there is a way around allergy season. For the last 20 years I have helped many hundreds of people in Santa Rosa get relief from pollen reactions and allergy symptoms. I am not kidding when I say “It really is possible to feel good in Sonoma County, even in spring!”

Pollen Reactions

A close-up view of Spring pollen

A close-up view of Spring pollen

Typical symptoms of pollen allergies are congestion and itchy eyes. Additional symptoms include fatigue, asthma, headaches, skin issues and brain fog or confusion.

There are many different ways of managing allergy symptoms, but I have found the most effective to be

whole-food nutritional formulas in combination with a specific acupressure (no needles) method that works with the nervous system. Once we address a pollen reaction, most of the time we do not have to do the treatment over again. Often a natural immune booster can be taken to help sinus infections caused by seasonal allergies, without killing the natural flora in the gut.

One patient came in several years ago riddled with reactions to food and pollens. Over time she has been able to go back to eating a variety of foods and enjoying the outdoors without suffering from pollen symptoms.

Another patient, a young boy who played sports during the pollen season, had to rely on inhalers to manage his seasonal asthma. We addressed the seasonal pollens, and now he no longer needs an inhaler. It has been eight years since treatment and he is still doing well.

For allergy and skin disorders, checking for organ imbalances in the spleen, liver and thymus can be helpful. For instance, many skin issues have a spleen component. I had a young patient around five years old who had a rash that other doctors were unable to resolve. I gave her a supplement to clear up the spleen issue and addressed reactions to certain foods. The result? Her rash went away.

Food Reactions

Food sensitivities are different from food allergies and are usually responsible for most food and digestive issues. Allergies are an IgE response, whereas food sensitivities are not. Professionals agree about how to test for allergies. However, there is much controversy about what is a good test for food sensitivities.

In many cases, patients who react to a particular food can go back to eating that food again after a few sessions. I have never seen people so happy.

One patient was extremely reactive to wheat, including any food product made from wheat. We addressed the reactions in the nervous system with a very specific acupressure method for wheat and also resolved the inflammation in his gut. Soon he was able to eat pizza and lasagna without a problem. But after being able to tolerate wheat for about three months, he started to react to it again. He had gotten a new health issue that caused renewed inflammation in the gut. This time we only needed to address the inflammation and he was able to eat wheat again without a problem. Given the appropriate nutritional formula, clearing out the inflammation in the gut may only take about two to three weeks.

Clearing or resolving the functional issues in the body is a great way to achieve optimal health. Whole-food nutritional formulas and holistic therapies are one way to accomplish that goal without the risk of causing further health issues. Natural methods for resolving health and allergy issues are one great option for feeling good and enjoying spring in beautiful Sonoma County.