Tis the season to be merry.  But the hustle and bustle and emotional ups and downs sometime interfere with our ability to enjoy the holidays as much as we would like.  Fortunately, the clinic has several supplements to help with the challenges many of us experience during the busy holiday season.  Here are services we offer at the clinic and some feedback from our patients:

Help with Family & the Holidays:

Some family members and family dynamics can be challenging during this time of year – bless their hearts!  Brain Formula dietary supplement helps calm the nervous system and can help with reducing irritability and taking the edge off of situations.  One patient talks about her experience at a family gathering one year using Brain Formula.

I used the Brain Formula supplement during a stressful trip this summer to visit my family.  It is usually very stressful for me, almost unbearable, as I have nowhere to truly process all the emotions.  The Brain Formula supplements cut the edge off and I was able to have a calmer, more meaningful trip.

The supplement Brain Formula is nutritional support for stressful life events and situations.

Anxiety – Help Calming the Nervous System:

Many people can be in a fight or flight mode due to long periods of stress and/or stressful situations in life.  A busy mind especially before bed and having a hard time getting to sleep are classic signs of the nervous system being in an emergency mode.  The supplement Brain Formula helps ease occasional worrying or overwhelming temporary anxiety.

Another patient commented on her experience with the supplement Brain Formula.

I have suffered with anxietyI started coming to Dr. Zafis for different reasons, but had her focus a lot on my anxiety.  After I got pregnant and had my baby I suffered a little post-partum depression/anxiety.  She put me on the pills Brain Formula and after a week of using them I felt so much better.  My baby blues were gone and I felt like my emotions were well balanced.

Help with Energy during this Busy Season:

There is a lot to do this time of year.  Supporting the adrenal glands can help with keeping your energy up, especially during the afternoon slump.  Working with the adrenal glands also can help some patients with afternoon sugar and carb cravings.  We can see which supplement would be best suited for you.

Support for the Immune System:

There are several common health challenges that many of us face during the holidays.  First, we tend to eat more sweets because of its availability at festive gatherings.  Eating a lot of sugar slows down the immune system and makes a person more susceptible to colds and flus.  Also the bacteria and viruses that we are exposed to are becoming more challenging to work with.  Antibiotics are not killing some bacteria, a condition called antibiotic resistance bacteria or in some cases, they are not completely killing all the bacteria in the system.

We provide support for the immune system so that it can more effectively provide the body with a defense against harmful bacteria and viruses. For immune system support, the clinic does need to do testing to see what you specifically need to get back to health again.  A 15 minute appointment is enough to check for exactly what you need.

Sugar & Carb Cravings:

Sugar and Carb cravings can be caused by several different imbalances.  Food sensitivities can contribute to cravings.  Hormonal imbalances or being run down can also contribute as well.  Recently I have been noticing pancreas imbalances in patients and resolving those issues can also help reduce sugar and carb cravings.  A complimentary consultation would reveal what imbalances are causing the cravings.

Help with Sleep:

The clinic has had many successes with resolving sleep issues and would like to work with more people having this challenge.  Problems getting to sleep are caused by a different set of imbalances then issues with waking up.  Hormonal issues with women in particular may also be a contributing factor.  The clinic does offer a complimentary consultation to see what imbalances exist that may be contributing to difficulty sleeping.


This time of year people can react to mold, cold, dampness, dust, and wood smoke.  The clinic can help patients better manage these reactions while helping to support the immune system.

The holiday season is a time to be joyful and happy.  I wish you all a delightful holiday.  If you or your friends or family need any help during this season, please call the office at 707 527-7710 and we will be available assist you in making this season a happy, healthy and energetic one!

Dr. Cindy Zafis, D.C. is a chiropractor with a Diplomate in Addiction Medicine.  She has been practicing in Sonoma County for 21 years.  Health Resolutions Treatment Center works with health issues, smoking cessation, and out-patient programs for alcohol and other drugs.

Brain Formula supplement can be ordered on-line at www.healthresolutions.net/brain-formula/ or you may call and pick it up at the clinic.