Program for Anti-Depressant Medication

With approximately 20% of the U.S. population taking psychiatric drugs in a year, the use of SSRI anti-depressant drugs are wide spread. In many long-term cases with a psychiatric drug, the patient will attempt to reduce or stop some of all of their psychiatric medications. This is done usually without professional help and often with unpleasant or painful results that discourage further attempts to decrease or eliminate the medication.

The clinic recognizes this and wants patients to realize that the program physically and nutritionally supports their nervous system, while the patient attempts to decrease or eventually eliminate their anti-depressant. The initial part of the treatment program is employing natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks. This is a much different scenario then when the patient attempts to reduce the medication on their own without support.

Some patients will have anxiety while taking their SSRI anti-depressants If this is the case, the clinic will look at natural treatments for anxiety and panic attacks before decreasing the dosage of the anti-depressant medication.

Some patients are put on SSRI’s to help with hot flashes. The clinic will look at hormonal issues associated with hot flashes and will address this health issue as well.

The causes for panic attacks and anxiety will be different for each patient. Many factors are looked at when determining the treatment plan for a patient. The clinic will look at the list of all medications taken, the dosage of the medications, length of time on medications, symptoms of past reductions of medications, and current health issues.

Typically the patient will come into the clinic 2 to 4 times a month. The program will consist of personalized Amino Acid and Nutritional Therapy, Chiropractic Care, and Auriculotherapy.

The clinic offers a supplement Well-Adjust that is a nutritional support for the nervous system during the tapering process or is recommended during times of stress or pain. This supplement is available for every day use or may be recommended during the course of treatment.

Schedule your Personal Assessment with Dr. Zafis. She will discuss your current situation, health goals and whether the Health Resolutions Treatment Program is a good fit for your unique situation. The initial Evaluation with Dr. Zafis is no cost and no obligation to anyone seeking an alternative to anti-depressant medicine. As a champion for holistic health and patient awareness, Dr. Zafis encourages you to make an informed decision for your health.