I have been in practice in Sonoma County for 20 years helping patients improve their food and pollen reactions.  Every year I notice that more and more people are becoming more allergic or sensitive to the foods that they are eating.


Several factors occurring over the last few years have contributed to this increase in food reactions in people.  One factor is that there are more chemicals present in food and in the environment.  The chemicals used in farming have changed as well. And people are eating more genetically modified foods. These chemicals and genetically modified foods can cause a disruption in the way the body absorbs and utilizes vitamins and minerals.  Over time these dysfunctions can increase and create problems in many systems in the body.


There are many things that need to be assessed when looking at food reactions.  The office does functional testing to see if the different organs in the digestive system are out of balance.  We check for sensitivities for foods and also look for toxicity levels in patients.  Inflammatory levels are assessed with functional testing.


Nutritional supplements can be very helpful for improving the functioning of digestive organs and reducing inflammatory and toxicity levels.


Many patients have a hard time sorting out for themselves what is causing their food reactions.  The clinic has helped patients for 20 years with these issues and has had many successes.  Patients are very happy when they can go back to eating foods that used to make them unwell.  The clinic also sees, time after time, that patients may also crave certain foods less as their sensitivity to these foods is addressed. These patients generally become much less compulsive about the foods that they eat.


We have seen many patients over the years that have a hard time digesting many foods.  In one particularly poignant case, a woman, unfortunately, had problems with most of the foods that she was eating. This caused her a great deal of stress as well as physical discomfort. If she was invited to a friend’s home for a meal, she had to remind the host about all her sensitivities. And, if she was going out, her choices were always very limited. She could never just relax and enjoy herself. We worked with her and eventually she was able to eat many of the foods she could not eat before.  She was able to socialize again and go out to dinner without reacting to her foods.


Another example is a very young, 5 year old patient who had many food reactions. These reactions showed up as bloating and cravings for the foods that she was sensitive to. Food cravings are a common symptom of food reactions and sensitivities. After we worked with her on a specific food, she was no longer interested in the food.  For example, we worked with her with a certain cookie.  After the treatment, her mother told me that she no longer asked for the cookie again.  I see this often in my practice.  Once the body is back in balance, food cravings decrease or disappear.


If you or your family or friends are having food reactions, please give us a call. The clinic offers a complimentary screening to test food reactions that the body is having and we test for other imbalances that may be contributing to food reactions.  You can call the office at 707 527-7710 and schedule a consultation.  Dr. Cindy Zafis, D.C. will be happy to discuss solutions to your food and digestive issues.