Skin rashes are troubling, annoying, often itchy and sometimes embarrassing.  Possible causes:  allergies, infections, toxins, imbalances in organs and stress reactions, among others.

Is it My Fault?

Some of my patients wonder what they’re doing wrong.  A mother of a young patient said to me, “What did I do wrong to cause my little girl to get this ugly rash?”   I assured her it was nothing she had done.  The girl had an imbalance in her spleen that made her allergic reaction more symptomatic.  When we addressed the spleen imbalance with natural supplements, the rash resolved.

How Do I Get Rid of It?

I use Applied Kinesiology to assess the function of the body and discover the imbalance that is causing the rash.    Certain organ imbalances do have a propensity for increasing allergic reactions and rashes.  I check the spleen, liver and thymus for imbalances and address them with natural, holistic formulas.


In the past year I’ve been seeing more rashes that are caused by infections.  Simply detoxing the body of specific chemicals may allow the person’s immune system, in some cases, to once again effectively handle the infection.

A young girl came into the office with a rash all over her legs and arms.  The rash was very prominent and she did not want to wear shorts during the hottest part of the year because of it.  The family M.D. diagnosed the rash as an infection and told the parents that they could put their daughter on antibiotics. He said that it could take up to a year to resolve with antibiotics and that sometimes, even then, rashes didn’t always resolve.  This upset them and they decided to seek a second opinion.

It turned out the girl had specific toxic chemicals in her system. I put her on supplements that detoxified her body and in 3 weeks, the rash was 80% gone.  The next time I saw her, she had shorts on.  The cleansing supplements allowed her own immune system to effectively kill the infection without the use of antibiotics.

At our clinic we have helped many patients with their skin issues.  Sometimes we have to do a bit of detective work to find the underlying causes, since a patient may come in with two different kinds of rashes at the same time.

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