3-Day Smoking Cessation Program

Description of Treatments

The Health Resolutions Treatment Center offers a 3-day smoking cessation program consisting of three office visits, one office visit each day for three consecutive days.  The first appointment is 45 minutes; the remaining appointments are 30 minutes each.  The program consists of three treatment modalities – auriculotherapy, chiropractic spinal alignment, amino acid supplementation and personalized nutritional therapy.  A nutritional therapy is determined for each person based on their individual needs. If more treatments are required, a 30-day program is also available.


Auriculotherapy deviceThis treatment uses an electronic device to painlessly stimulate points directly on the ear to help release pleasure-producing brain chemicals called endorphins.  Common responses to increased endorphins include:

  • Decreased cravings for the substance
  • Increased state of relaxation
  • Reduced sense of physical and emotional withdrawal

This treatment has been court ordered by progressive drug courts as a treatment for addiction.

Chiropractic Spinal Alignment

Chiropractic correction provides a solid foundation for all of our wellness programs at the Health Resolutions Treatment Center. Individuals with dependency and addictions usually show some level of spinal subluxation (vertebrae out of alignment). This is a major indication of a system that is out of balance which signals an interference with the natural flow of brain chemicals to the body.

Amino Acid Supplementation and Personalized Nutritional Therapy

The clinic assesses organ imbalances in the body and then finds a formula to address the imbalance. This process is used in all programs at the clinic. Amino acid supplementation is used for dependency and addiction programs; they may provide dramatic changes in a person’s well-being and behavior, helping assist the patient to stay off their substance of choice.


Dr. Zafis offers a complimentary consultation to discuss the program with you.  To set up an appointment, call 707 527-7710.  Dr. Zafis will be happy to talk with you about this exciting program.

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