Recently, one of my patients was telling me that she has been hearing from many of her friends that they are having stomach problems and are not feeling as strong as they have in the past.

This is a trend that I see in my practice as well.

What could be causing people to react poorly to foods that never bothered them before? Why do some people feel so ‘not quite themselves’ while they haven’t really changed their diet or their lifestyle?

The foods have changed greatly in the last couple of years.  Many patients are reacting much more to their foods.  The increased toxicity has in my opinion increased the symptoms of food reactions.  There are effects of both the GMO foods and the chemicals in the foods.  Some foods may also contain hormones.

These stresses can also result in us losing vital minerals and vitamins when we eat. This is obviously the opposite of what we hope will happen when we take in nutrition. But some people respond to this new kind of food with a chelation reaction, meaning that the chemicals in some foods bind to the minerals in the muscles and the nervous system and pulls them out of the body. This leads to overall weakness and poor health.

Because of these issues, I am finding it necessary to advise a specific detox program for almost every patient that comes into the office. Although different patients have different health issues, I am seeing that a wide range of health issues are caused by the chemicals in the food.

One overall response to these chemicals is a decreased functioning of the immune system.  An example of this is illustrated by a young girl who came to the office with a rash caused by a virus, as diagnosed by her physician.  The rash had covered her legs and was so unattractive that she did not want to wear shorts during the summer season. The doctor’s recommendation was that she should be put on a course of antibiotics and said that it may take up to a year to heal—and even then the rash may not go away.

I had her take supplements that detoxed the chemicals out of the body. After about four weeks, she showed signs of dramatic improvement; the rash was clearly on the way to being gone.  We had addressed sensitivities to certain items and had detoxed specific chemicals out of her body.  These actions had a significant positive effect on the ability of her immune system to resolve the viral skin rash.

Over the years, I have seen that detoxing certain chemicals out of the body can significantly help the immune system work the way it was designed to work.  So, even when we get a so-called autoimmune response, the body may recover when you detoxify specific chemicals. Balance is then restored and the immune system works as it should again.

Sensitivities to foods are a very common cause of stomach and other digestive issues.  Identifying which food is the culprit is a problem for many people coming to the office.  The office does detailed testing of foods, vitamins, minerals, and other items in foods or the environment.  Then after the trouble food is found, the clinic offers a very gentle technique that helps balance the nervous system when it reacts to the offending substance. This technique has helped many patients over the last 21 years be able to eat the offending foods again with decreased or no symptoms.  Organ imbalances are also assessed and natural supplements are given to resolve those imbalances.

For example, one patient came to us after experiencing digestive issues for over 10 years.  We tested and addressed several reactions that she had to a variety of foods including vitamins and minerals.  We also detoxed out specific chemicals in her body and then tested to see what supplements would help reverse the side effects of the chemicals in the foods.  Her digestive problems cleared up after the treatments and she is now able to eat a wide range of food again.

Bone and muscle issues, hormonal imbalances, and immune system suppression are just a few of the consequences that need to be addressed after detoxing the chemicals out of the body.  The clinic tests to see which vitamins and minerals are deficient in the body and we then provide natural supplements to address the deficiencies.

Many patients feel stronger and have more energy after detoxing and supplementing with the vitamins and minerals that were deficient.

There is no need to suffer with food issues! The clinic offers a 15-minute complimentary screening and testing for reactions to food items and assessing functional issues such as liver, thyroid, or adrenal dysfunction.  Call 707 527-7710 to set up an appointment to see we can help you with your health concerns.