Patient Testimonials


“Help with low energy & detox”
By Karen B., Santa Rosa, CA
I recently did a detox with Dr. Cindy Zafis. It consisted of taking a combination of supplements which she monitored on a regular basis. It wasn’t long before I started feeling more alert and energetic. By the time the detox was completed, I was a whole new person. My energy levels have been higher than they have been in decades. I didn’t realize how depleted the toxins in my system were making me until they were no longer there. I actually enjoy doing things again because I have the energy to do them. I highly recommend Dr. Zafis for your detox and allergy relief needs.


“Food & Pollen Relief”
By Laura H., Santa Rosa, CA
I have been working with Dr. Zafis for 5 years or so. She has helped me totally eliminate food allergies and treats me for environmental allergies as the climate shifts. In addition, she has helped with many mild viruses and bacterial infections as well as detoxification. She is like a magician, being able to discern subtleties in the body…She is really a gift to all of us and I wholly recommend her as a holistic healer.


“Food Cravings”
by Carol, Santa Rosa, CA
I began seeing Dr. Zafis for extreme seasonal allergies. Those have been treated and I’m doing very well. The reason for my excitement however, was the treatment of a food allergy I didn’t even know I had. Dr. Cindy advised me I was allergic to cheese. This was really bothersome in that cheese is my favorite food, I can’t walk by it without craving and eating. After one treatment, I am shocked to say that grocery shopping, I walked by cheese, didn’t buy any, opened the refrigerator for lunch, moved the cheese to the side to see what else was there. It’s been a few days since the treatment, and I haven’t even wanted any. If you are reading this and thinking of trying any of Dr. Zafis’ allergy treatments, just do it, you won’t regret it.


“Patients on Brain Function – a natural supplement to support the nervous system:”
by Amy, Santa Rosa, CA
I have suffered with anxiety most of my life. I started coming to Dr. Zafis for different reasons but had her focus a lot on my anxiety. After I got pregnant and had my baby I suffered a little postpartum depression/ anxiety. She put me on the pills Brain Formula and after a week of using them I felt so much better. My baby blues were gone and I felt like my emotions were well balanced.


“Patients working with Insomnia:”
by Nicole M., Santa Rosa, CA
Initially I started to see Dr. Cindy to relieve allergies and insomnia. My allergies are now gone and every time allergy season rolls around I’m thankful all over again. The insomnia I lived with for well over a decade is also a thing of the past. I used to have endless problems falling asleep. I would be awake until 3 or 4 o’clock every night, and would wake up tired every morning. It was a perpetual cycle. Sleeping pills just made me groggy. I tried every over the counter and homeopathic option out there, but none of them worked in the long run. After a series of Dr. Zafis treatments and supplements (non habit forming and no side effects) focused on resetting my sleep cycles, I started to get tired and fall asleep earlier at night. Now sleep is more restful and I wake up in the morning with more energy. I really appreciate being able to fall asleep naturally each night, and more than I anything I appreciate the feeling of being tired and knowing that sleep will not be elusive. Every time I receive a treatment from Dr. Zafis I feel better, and I only wish I had avoided years of discomfort by starting to see her earlier.


“Patients working with pain:”
by Ken K.
I had decided that the pain in my right should was no longer tolerable and I needed surgery. The thought of being without my right arm for an extended recovery time was daunting. As a last resort, should have been my first response, I visited Health Resolutions Treatment Center. What a difference! The pain is gone, and I have the pain-free freedom I was hoping for WITHOUT surgery! I give Health Resolutions Treatment Center five BIG stars.


by Lorene, Santa Rosa, CA
My teenager has had difficulty falling asleep for the past few years. She was often awake until 1:30 a.m.. After we told Dr. Cindy Zafis about this, she addressed this issue with treatments and supplements. Since then, my teenager has bee able to fall asleep easily at 11:30 p.m..