The Miracles of Coconut Oil

For those that are not aware of the potential that a simple container of coconut oil possesses, this article will be quite eye- opening to the various benefits the substance can provide to our daily lives.


Weight Loss Benefits

One of the dried fruit coconut palm’s impressive advantages is the numerous health benefits it offers as a 92% fat saturated smart solution to reducing butter and vegetable oil in your diet. The sweet taste of this miracle oil far outweighs the greasy texture and mess of the fattier cooking choices anyways, which is not necessarily the case for “healthier” foods a lot of the time.

One single tablespoon of coconut oil contains 117 calories, 0 milligrams of both cholesterol and sodium and only 14 grams of healthy fat that can be used throughout the day for energy. Using this can not only curb appetite overall, but even boost the metabolism making it easier to lose or keep off weight.


Beauty Benefits

To add to the lengthy list of benefits, here comes our largest organ in the body to join the party: skin. Due to the high levels of lauric acid found in coconut oil, this anti-aging substance can be utilized to improve the lipid content and cleanse facial skin naturally as antimicrobial, non- toxic product. This does not just apply to the face however, you can rub this miracle product into any inch on the body; hands and feet especially.


Fun Tip: Two fun areas to use coconut oil are the cuticles and feet, and often tend to go unnoticed despite how much we use our hands and feet on a daily, hourly, minutely basis. Massaging some of the oil into these two areas will provide for healthier appearance and a soft touch after a long day of work!


The list honestly goes on and on for the beauty benefits of the oil from drawing a relaxing, aromatherapy bath, removing your eye makeup naturally, dry, cracked lips, a natural way to heal cold sores, and, of course, rejuvenating and regenerating broken or damage hair follicles. Some of the greatest hair products on the market use the natural riches of coconut oil initiating the natural oil production in our follicles.


Coconut Oil On The Mind

Another area in which coconut oil can potentially aide us is the most important of all: the brain. The fatty acids within the oil contain Medium Chain Triglycerides that metabolize and turn into ketones that help the body break down the saturated fat into energy.

Although there is no actual evidence that coconut oil can reduce or reverse Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders, the ketones are known to prevent disorders through the healthy breakdown of fat into energy, as previously mentioned.


Whether you have been resistant to the miracle effects of coconut oil in the past due to common misconceptions regarding fat content, this wonderful product may just be the answer you are looking for…..