Women’s Health

Women have a more complex hormonal system, which needs to be addressed when looking at many health care issues. Imbalances in the system can cause many health issues such as:

Mood swings
Sugar and carbohydrate cravings
Blood sugar issues
Hot flashes

Increased Chemicals in the Environment:

The increase of chemicals in our food and environment has caused a significant increase in negative symptoms in the last three years. By taking a comprehensive look at a patient’s health, the clinic has helped many women become energetic and vibrant. This includes assessing and addressing components of health such as reactions to foods, chemicals in the body, and weakening of the immune system.

Dysregulation of Hormonal System Due to Hormone Replacement Therapy: 

As a health care professional working with both chiropractic functional medicine and addiction and dependency, Dr. Zafis has seen the ramifications of hormonal imbalances caused by hormone replacement therapy. Typically, after dysregulation due to hormone replacement therapy, a woman may go to her medical doctor complaining of mood swings, depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. The medical doctor will most likely put the woman on thyroid medicine or anti-depression or anti-anxiety medications.

These medications often result in side effects. Now the woman has adverse side effects from the hormone replacement therapy and the psychiatric medications. Again, this is an extremely common occurrence, especially for women during the menopause years.

The clinic assesses the function of both the hormonal system and the nervous system. Dr. Zafis will then address the imbalances with several different natural techniques. When the body is more in balance, some patients decide that they would like to decrease or eliminate their psychiatric medication. In that situation, the woman is referred back to the prescribing medical doctor. Together, the medical doctor and Dr. Zafis develop a program to support the patient in achieving a healthy state of mind and body.



June 9, 2018

“I first came to Dr. Cindy Zafis after my medical doctor recommended her for my addiction to alcohol and prescription pills. I had little hope of ever stopping my addiction. I, also, had a complete hysterectomy several years before and my medical doctor could not find the correct hormonal balance with Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Zafis saw a connection between my addiction and my hormonal imbalance. Within a week of working with Dr. Zafis, my cravings were significantly reduced, and my mood was better. By 1 month, my cravings were gone. I have just celebrated a year of sobriety and my hormones are balanced; I know this because my mind and body have an overall good feeling. I see Dr. Zafis weekly as she monitors, detoxes, and continues to work her “magic” on me. Dr. Zafis is a highly intelligent, caring and compassionate doctor who always has my best interest at heart. I cannot thank her enough for giving me back my life.”

Kathy C.

Santa Rosa

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